Welcome to ROTO TRACK. Hunting with hounds
has changed over the years. "Tracking boxes and
collars" called for a better method of handling the
yagi antenna we use today.

Most of todays hounds don't "home" like before
"tracking". We must load them just as soon as
possible to get them out of harms way.

Being a machinist by trade, I built myself a
It exceeded my expectations. ROTO
made life so much better I started making
them for my fellow hunters. They can be made
cheaper as well as more expensive. I try to give
ROTO TRACK all it needs to insure an attractive,
maintenance free, long life. It is made from
aluminum and stainless steel. No problems or
complaints have been brought to my attention.
ROTO TRACK is a 360º rotating roof mount you
will not want to part with.

When you make your mind up to go with the best
roof mount on the market, let me know. I have
yours in stock waiting for your call.
"Ball Bearings and a Industrial Seal"
Antenna or coax is not included.
Happy Tracking!
George R. Hardee
(252) 746-6679
Let's strive to keep hunting with hounds alive!
George Ray Hardee
7268 County Home Road
Ayden, N.C. 28513-8510
(252) 746-6679
Find 'em quick"
$200.00 with free shipping
Hello, I'm George Hardee
"I hear the hounds coming. I'm on a logging road and have just an instant to
see what they are running. If it is a good buck you want to take him. He may
stop; many times he doesn't. You better be ready because it ain't going to be a
replay.................Sometimes deep down you really don't want to end the thrill of
the chase."
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