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I thank God for living in a country like America and having the opportunity to
be part of the hunting world. Hunting is much more than just taking game.
The fellowship with family and friends are priceless. I have many precious
memories related with these pictures. The orange hat guys and gals are
some of the best people on earth. Most of them have a way of making you
feel like family. Get some Kids in the mix and look out, you are really in for
even more excitement. Don't forget the Walker hounds as they can make it
happen too. I just wish I had documented some pictures many years ago as
well. Some of my best friends have gone on to the happy hunting grounds. I
am sad I didn't really let some of them know how much I cared. You know
what, I bet they knew.
If you enjoyed these pics, move on to
Fun-Pics-2. I hope to add many more
memories to it.

Thanks for your visit!

Ryan, Miles, Dustin
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