"Taking names and kicking A$$"
Anyone in Swift Creek Hunting Club back in the 90s will remember
J.D..He was a focused and determined Deer Hound. He had a brother
named Bear that had near his ability but not as fast. Bear died young
of natural causes. They were grade hounds out of a litter of eight or
nine. All but one of the others were culls. J.D. was all business with a
hard chop mouth. He would double up on a pick up. You could tell he
was in the pack, but not for long because pretty quick he was going to
be out front. I think it was his goal to lead. At about nine years old he
was killed by a car while chasing a Deer. J.D. made me proud on every
cast. He was truly a once in a life time hound that is sorely missed.     
"Gone but not forgotten ole buddy !"
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Pretty good start for a eight year old!
First Buck