Slotted for 3/4" X 3/8" antenna
Remove one bolt to take off the antenna
The Handle takes about 3" inside
Absolutely will not leak
Precision made including two Ball
Bearings & a Industrial Seal
It ain't Roto Track untill it
gets "Fireballs" Approval
Thanks for your consideration !
Happy Tracking !
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One 5/16" cross bolt locks your
antenna in the Roto Track and
makes for easy removal of the
antenna if you don't need it for
some extended time.
No lube required....Never!
You will soon be tracking by feel with your
finger on the little direction tip.
No need to look at the handle.
Some people put a BNC quick disconnect
just as the coax comes through the handle
No maintenance ever
Just use it.

Get ready to be spoiled!
"Fireball" is my Grandson and
hopefully a future hunter. Keep in
mind these Kids will have to deal
with whatever we leave them.
Requires a 2" hole.....Don't panic a
hole is a hole!
Second to none
You be the judge